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Macand Bumble Review

Reviewed: 2013-07-01 . We have old review archived for this site, you can read it here
Quick site rank and complete review of Macand Bumble | Categories: Babes, European, Softcore

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silver rank
Our Rating: 86/100

Quality of Content: 23/25

Purchase Value: 17/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 7/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For MacandBumble

User Rating: 63/100 - based on 362 votes.

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Standard price: $3.95 (3 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30days)

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Standard price: $14.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

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Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

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Standard price: $69.96 (90 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30days)

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Tour Promises promises complete access to a huge library of photos and HD videos, beautiful babes in glamour content, unlimited downloads and multiple media formats.

My Opinion About MacandBumble

MacAndBumble looks like a classy site with some very gorgeous babes. For those who enjoy glamour content and babes dolled up and undressed, this is the place to find them. However, you should note that the content is rather erotic and on the soft side, so the chicks are more likely to tease and please than anything else in the photos and videos. Of course, this isn't to say the site isn't a turn on.

The members' area design is great and there is a page-top menu where you can access the various areas of the site. I think there could be more navigational tools within the individual sections, though. Models are listed in alphabetical order and their pages do have bio details which is a draw. However, the photo, video, backstage and interview galleries don't offer any filters or sorting tools. On the homepage, the content is listed by update and it looks like content is uploaded five to seven days a week. I can only assume that the individual galleries are also listing things by update from newest to oldest.

There aren't bonus sites with this membership, but there are some nice exclusive extras like the model bios, interviews and backstage content. There are also some non-exclusive XXX feeds if you're feeling in the mood for more hardcore action. Of course, it's not as if there isn't enough exclusive content provided. As of today, the site offers 2762 glamour photo sets, 1904 sexy videos, roughly 96 interview clips, 34 sets of backstage pictures and some extra "best friends" videos and photos.

You'll find around 80 glamour pictures in each photo set and at the bottom of each set page there is a link to download a ZIP file. In this sub-menu at the bottom of the page, you can also click an "information" button which will open up some details about the set including the date it was shot and details about the camera used etcetera. The photos are a wonderful 1604x1069 size, give or take and while there isn't a hands-free slideshow, the pictures enlarge so that you can get a full photo view online.

Videos can be played in an embedded Flash player. Downloads are fast, but I only came across one format and quality option for a lot of these movies. The MP4 is great quality, I'm not complaining, but the tour did promise multiple media formats. I would like to say that the XXX video section offered other formats, but during my visit none of these links were working so I have no idea. It does look like MP4 is the only format for the entire archive, as far as I experienced. The 6960kbps, 1280x720 videos are fantastic and sharp, though and I doubt too many will be disappointed with these downloads. They are sexy as hell, too, but mostly a big cock tease, which isn't unexpected.

Girls come from all over the world. There are plenty of Europeans, but I found a good number of American models, as well. I'd say that many are fresh faced newbies, but there are more experienced models like Aimee Sweet in the mix. Also, while a lot of the girls are white, there are also some hot black, Asian and Latina models.

Final Verdict

MacAndBumble is filled with some of the hotttest babes from around the world and this is certainly a turn on. The content is largely softcore and will best appeal to those who love the art of the tease. Content is excellent and updates are coming often with no signs of slowing down. I think there are some nice extras, as well, although during my visit the XXX feeds didn't seem to be working.

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User Comments

2012 Oct 02, 02:24, QdqNFqcJnhNquC
Thanks for nice and hot blog with haity women who like play with wet pussies and nice hairy clortis We like this type amateur natural porn and say thank to you.

2010 Dec 05, 08:40, Virginia
Joined this site for a month about 4 or 5 years ago, did not renew. Since last year, I've been getting constant emails from them, every week and sometimes twice a week. The subject line is usually "Past member of MacandBumble, check out this offer...".
I've used the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the emails three times. I still get their spam. Number one: why do they even still have my email? Number two: why do they blatantly disregard my unsubscribe request? Number three: Why do they have to refer to me as a "past member"? Isn't discretion a given? Nobody wants their spouse to see these emails. Shows you how much they care about protecting their customers. This is a very shady company with very unscrupulous business practices. There is a lot more complaints from other users on on this terrible company.

2010 Jul 08, 12:20, mexico
me gusta su pagina porque en ella se pueden apreciar las bellezas naturales de las mujeres mas lindas

2008 Mar 07, 18:36, ina
wooow kereeeen

2007 Dec 08, 04:21, bali
I agree with the reviewer on this one. I also didn't have any problems with airbrushed photos. And the women here just look gorgeous. Sure I would enjoy more hardcore, but I also like the softcore pics.

2007 Oct 30, 07:08, india
its good

2007 Aug 25, 21:43, cta
i lake macandbumble

2007 May 07, 11:12, us
Easy use
Good quality pics
Broad selection (no pun intended)

2007 Mar 22, 10:30, usa
excellent stuff

2006 Sep 13, 00:28, lucknow
excellent site to view most of the sexiest andbeautiful women.Really .adorable

Bareback Rider
2006 Jul 31, 09:08, Pink PUSSY usa
This site has beautiful women, but it's way too tame. Give me pink. Give me spread legs and hot pussies. Give me slutty women. This site is milder than Playboy, and that says a lot. I want spread legs! I want pink pussy!

2006 Apr 08, 13:41, NW
What's good about the site:
* Many of the women are beautiful, pure and simple.
* There are many well-known names here: Veronica Zemanova, Jenna Jameson, etc.
* The photography overall is good quality.
* There are usually many photos, a hundred or more, in every posting.

What's not good about the site:
* Content is cycled in and out. Instead of updated, content is recycled. This is fucking misleading and borderline fraudulent.
* Many of the photos are remarkably similar, with just a slight change in posture or facial expression.

And the big drawback:
* The photography is way too tame. I want to see hot, beautiful women who really know how to spread their legs and who show lots of pink. Get those fucking bottoms off, leave those slutty heels on and spread those shapely legs early and often. Give me beautiful sluts who show their cunts. PINK PUSSY RULES!!! (But not on Mac and Bumble).

baby girl
2006 Feb 26, 11:18, ky
yes and if you could put some videos on show then i would buy some thing

2006 Jan 02, 15:29, US
M&B cycles content in and out, so their "updates" section is total BS. They've been touting as "new" things they've had for years. I also agree that they do too much retouching and are not friendly to trial users (very limited access) or monthly subscribers (no warning how cancellation works). Some of the pics are good; others aren't. And they put their damn HUGE-ass logo right on the goods!

A-rocc of tha 805 KLIK
2005 Oct 22, 18:17, This dimension for now
It really does have lots of pics of the hottest women.

2005 Aug 25, 08:00, india
your site is very preety and pure sexy and so hot

2005 Aug 24, 14:23, Oxford
I don't like the retouched pix. The resolution is basic. This site is nowhere near the quality of Hegre, Met-Art of FemJoy.

2005 Aug 09, 16:06, NY
Don't buy the trial membership. You don't get full access and what they give you is very limited. The ladies are beautiful, but it is like looking at playboy in the 60s

2005 Aug 06, 14:14, New York
this site is great..wanked myself to death!

2005 Aug 05, 18:48, WA
Very misleading site. I bought the daily membership and a screen comes up telling me how many mins. I had left. I should have known that they would charge me $35 for a monthly membership once the mins ran out. If you cancel your membership after you paid for a month, it is immediately cancelled. These guys don't care too much about good customer service

2005 Aug 05, 18:38, austin
Compared with ddgirls, vivthomas, suzenet, and most other sites that feature beautiful women, Mac and Bumble sucks big time. I was under the impression that I would get the same quality photos that I got at the aboved mentioned sites, but I was so wrong. They do have beautiful women, but it would be nice to see more than just their tits. This website should be called Mac and Bummer.

2005 Jul 31, 14:13, nbbbb
Someone at this site has gone overboard with the photoshop filters. Idiotic.

caroline scarpinato
2005 May 11, 11:49, east hampton
the only site I really need to enjoy looking at other beautiful women, I love mandb and would hope all men and women go there to enjoy gorgeous babes.

2005 Feb 23, 18:20, da kine
painfully slow at times. for you patricia ford fans, you'll be disappointed.

2005 Feb 04, 12:19, me
Slow and misleading re: number of models. Tooooo softcore.

2004 Nov 19, 12:49, san diego
looked airsprayed

mac sucks
2004 Jul 15, 17:47, portland
Avoid the daily membership at all costs. It will renew @34.95 monthly after 24 hours, which they fail to make clear

2004 Mar 16, 06:51, US
Macandbumble is my favorite softcore models site. Stunning models, excelent pictures, very good videos, a lot to choose from. My rating : 100/100.

2004 Jan 27, 18:05, Florida
I agree with the reviewer on this one. I also didn't have any problems with airbrushed photos. And the women here just look gorgeous. Sure I would enjoy more hardcore, but I also like the softcore pics.

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